exhibition view – with Marlene Zoë Burz, Manuel Kirsch, Martin Maeller, Björn Streeck

Lethe – personification of forgetfulness, river of concealment, bringer of oblivion. The shadows of the dead drink the river’s mythical waters to forget their mortal lives. A relief that only a few selected lost souls will experience. Lethe is like a placid stream with the power to eliminate earthy troubles. Entirely immersed in it, contours are slowly dissolving and will soon disappear. Paralyzed and overwhelmed, Lethe decomposes everything and leaves only behind a dull moment, a vast void.

All what is left is lost in an inaccessible swamp of personal residues. Confusion of determination causes altered realities, loss of knowledge shatters identities. Immersed in neutralizing fluid, the soul attains a perpetual drowsiness, a spiritual sleepiness. It is the end of worries but a chance for new beginnings. Minds are clarified. Innocence evolves into a reincarnated, complex entity. Only that which can be forgotten can be remembered for a total renewal.

Text: Martin Maeller