Marlene Zoë Burz wild shores 2020 wild shores 2-13, 2020 (fortlaufende Serie) 21 x 29,7 cm, Blattgold auf Buchdruck


Marlene Zoë Burz Off Seasonal Pilgrimage Two bickering male song birds. Next to them a female songbird is sitting on the edge of a dish filled with feed. It is a photographic reproduction from an old illustrated book about nature and animals – one of countless books that fill the shelves of second hand bookshops or end […]


Marlene Zoë Burz in futura mergere Aus irgendeinem Grund denkst Du, Du entwirfst Dein eigenes Schicksal.Dass all Deine Entscheidungen, all Deine Fragen, all Deine Wünsche ihre Berechtigung haben.Dass das, was Dich bis hierher in diesen Raum geführt hat, das, was Dich aufstehen lässt, arbeiten, spazieren gehen, Menschen treffen, lachen, richtig ist, dass Du vertrauen kannst, dass indem […]


Zurück Weiter exhibition view – with Marlene Zoë Burz, Manuel Kirsch, Martin Maeller, Björn Streeck Lethe – personification of forgetfulness, river of concealment, bringer of oblivion. The shadows of the dead drink the river’s mythical waters to forget their mortal lives. A relief that only a few selected lost souls will experience. Lethe is like […]


Zurück Weiter „Portrait, Schau dich an Bienenkönigin 3, 2018“, 152×100 cm, gouache, laquer with insect nest on paper„Portrait, Schau dich an Bienenkönigin 4, 2019“, 152×100 cm, gouache, laquer with insect nest on paper

Beitrag_longing for the golden age

Zurück Weiter The ancient idea of the golden age, as a place of longing where people and nature exist in harmony with each other side by side, and the stories of mythological female figures, are theoretical starting points of my work. It is a search for clues in the present, a reinterpretation of mythological narratives […]

Beitrag_Fortuna Neukölln

Zurück Weiter Fortuna Neukölln is a series of photographs that illustrate stories about mythological female figures. I construct stories from different times and cultures into new images in the present time. Desiring to share my fascination for mythological tales, I want to give the characters their own actuality. The photographed women stand as prototypes next […]